Quality Policy

We are commiteed to deliver quality products conforming the standards and specification of our valued customers and toimprove systems by practicing continuous improvement programs with team work.

We Serve Quality Products...

Welcome to AL-HADEED TECH.


Al-Hadeed Tech is a state of the art engineering enterprise specializing in the manufacture of Flywheel Starter and Ring Gears for petrol, diesel and gas engines.Al-Hadeed Tech is well equipped with the precision ring forming equipment and CNC turning, gear hobbling and gear shapers machines with in-house heat treatment facilities to meet the highest quality standards.

Al-Hadeed Tech - Philosophy

Al-Hadeed Tech has adopted "THEORY OF CONSTRAINTS" for all the processes, across the business The major advantages are:

• Optimum Utilization of Bottleneck Process
• Lean Cell Manufacturing
• Perfect Production Planning
• Small Production Batch Quantities
• Reduced Production Lead Time – 1 week
• Use of Pull Process for Supplies to Customers
• Manage the Inventory for Customers
• Increased Throughput
• Decreased Costs
• Continuous Improvements
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