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Fly Wheel Ring Gear [Starter Ring] | Portfolio Availables | Scope of Products

1Suzuki244mm218.7mm9mm962.5m P 20Chamber, Boolan, Alto, Mehran
2FEAR Tractor335mm292.7mm15mm1103m P 20Tractors
3Mazda T3500356mm325mm17mm1382.5m P 20Mazda
4Mazda T3000356mm325mm13mm1382.5m P 20Mazda
5Millat Tractor369.7mm341.3mm17.4mm1158/10DP P 20Messi Frag
6Bedford430mm398.5mm16mm1348/10DP P 20Heavy Vehicles
7Master390mm356.7mm16mm1283m P 20Truck
8Master362mm326mm18mm1193m P 20Truck
9Master389mm346.7mm16mm1283m P 20Truck
10Charad247mm220mm9mm1092.25m P 20Car
11KIA313.5mm287.3mm13mm1212.5m P 20Van
12Darsun270mm240mm9mm1052.5m P 20Car
13Nissan440mm403mm22mm1453m P 14.5Truck
14Star331mm304.4mm14.4mm1093m P 20Pickup
15Hino393mm359mm16mm1298DP P 14.5Bus
16Army Jeep321.5mm293mm15.8mm1008DP P 20Pak Army Jeep
17Hino FB369mm334.5mm16.5mm1218/10DP P 20Bus
18Ford408mm371mm16.5mm1288m P 14.5Tractor
19Mero350mm316mm15mm1143m P 20Bus
20LTC506mm472mm22mm143 Bus
21Parkens404.3mm376.5mm17.5mm126 Generator


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If you are looking for Starter Ring Gears for Cars, Trucks, Forklifts, Classic or Vintage Cars, we carry a large range of product in stock. We have access to a worldwide database of contacts and take pride in sourcing those difficult to get parts. If your flywheel ring gear is not listed on our Product list contact us

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