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We are commiteed to deliver quality products conforming the standards and specification of our valued customers and toimprove systems by practicing continuous improvement programs with team work.

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Starter Ring Gear

Our components are efficiently manufactured to give our customers very competitive pricing without compromising the product quality. Download Availables | Product Availables

Gear Section

Machine NamesQuantityMade ByCondition
Chamfering Machine1PakistanActive
Fellows Gear Shaper5EnglandActive
G & E Hobbing1USAActive
Pfauter Hobbing1GermanActive
Tas Gear Shaper1EnglandActive

Heat Treatment Section

Machine NamesQuantityMade ByCondition
Flame Hardening Unit1PakistanActive
Induction Furnace - 50 KW1PakistanActive
Induction Hardness - 15 KW1ChinaActive
Induction Hardness - 20 KW1ChinaActive
Induction Hardness - 25 KW1ChinaActive

Lathes Section

Machine NamesQuantityMade ByCondition
Boring machine1ChinaActive
Center lathe1JapanActive
Center lathe -1ItalyActive
Center lathe --1EnglandActive
CNC Colchester 2000L1EnglandActive
CNC KIA KIT 30B1KoreaActive
Dean Smith2EnglandActive
Tas Center lathe1CzechoslovakiaActive
Vertical lath dual head1EnglandActive

Other Machinery

Machine NamesQuantityMade ByCondition
Air Compressor1PakistanActive
Butt Welding Machine2EnglandActive
Cheamfering Machine1EnglandActive
Copy Milling1EnglandActive
Disc Grinder4EnglandActive
Falcon Tool And Cutter1TaiwanActive
Hydraulic Bar Cutter1EnglandActive
Ring Rolling Machine2PakistanActive
Tool And Cutter2EnglandActive
West Lake Drill1EnglandActive

Press Section

Machine NamesQuantityMade ByCondition
Hydraulic press1EnglandActive
Hydraulic press -1PakistanActive
Hydraulic press --2PakistanActive
Power press3PakistanActive

Quality Section

Machine NamesQuantityMade ByCondition
Avery Hardness Tester2EnglandActive
Hardness Tester1ItalyActive
Superficial Hardness Tester1TaiwanActive

Welding Section

Machine NamesQuantityMade ByCondition
Butt Welding1PakistanActive
Butt Welding -1EnglandActive
Electric Welding Plant3PakistanActive
Gas Welding Unit2PakistanActive
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